Recent Reads: Vol 1

Lately I've been thinking about what it would be like if you and I were to sit down together over our respective cups of coffee and just gush about life to one another. I'm pretty sure it would be amazing, and so sweet, and I would undoubtedly ask you what you've been reading lately.  See, I am that girl that always has at least one book on hand, because you never know when you're going to have a few spare minutes to dig in.  Since we can't actually talk face to face right now, I thought it might be fun to share some of the books I've read and loved recently:

Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

Y'all. This book has easily become one of my absolute favorites. In it, John Eldredge (Wild at Heart) shares different ways that we can (and need to) think about and experience Jesus - as playful, cunning, and even scandalous - and as a result, I have found myself reading the gospels with new eyes. Jesus is so much better, so much bigger, so much more real than we tend to give Him credit for, and this book reminded me of just how amazing and relatable our Jesus is.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

This classic read took me a while to get through since it is so chock-full of of wisdom on the deeper parts of God's character. If you are wanting to expand your knowledge of who God is, what He is like, and how He interacts with His creation, get this book. Really, just get this book regardless.

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

We've all experienced hard, challenging, or unwelcome circumstances as they pop up in our lives, right? Well this book ended up in my hands at a time when I was experiencing a lot of personal challenges, and it was sweet balm to my weary soul. SO good.

Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong

I snagged this book because of the subtitle - "truths to carry you through life's transitions" - seeing as how I am someone who naturally has a hard time with change. While Strong's points and advice were not necessarily revolutionary, they did help me better understand the hurdles change can bring and how to navigate them in a way that not only acknowledges, but honors God.

The Grand Paradox by Ken Wytsma

As Christians, our lives are all about our pursuit of God, and the more we get to know Him the more we realize just how much paradox permeates the world we live in. This books begins deciphering what it really looks like to live by faith in a seemingly senseless world, and it's golden.

Who Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy is basically my spirit animal, so her second book (after Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?) was quick to top my list once it came out. If you're looking for something light-hearted, funny, and saturated with nuggets of wisdom, this is it.

Up next, I've got some new books I'm really excited to crack open and a few that have been started but I never got around to finishing.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

Birthing the Miraculous by Heidi Baker

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Prayer by Tim Keller

- - -

Friend, I wish we could just have an actual little book club where we got together and shared all about what we're reading. Maybe one day... but until then, Recent Reads will suffice. So now, indulge me, what have you been reading lately?  Any recommendations that I should add to my list?