On Debt and Budgeting

About a year ago, as I was preparing for the next year, I found myself wrestling with and questioning where I was, what I was doing, and how to get to where I believed (and still believe) God ultimately wants me.  I began feeling a deep conviction over an ugly four-letter word in my life: DEBT.  See, as I had been praying about all of the questions that were plaguing my heart, I felt the Lord tenderly say to me, "Gennean, while I need you to stay faithful to where you are now, the truth is that I cannot take you to where I've planned for you go until you take care of this."

For some backstory, you should know that I put myself through college, which was especially tough since I decided to attend a private, Christian university (a.k.a. expensive, but I have no regrets; my experience there was key to my spiritual growth).   I was beyond blessed to have received multiple scholarships while in school, but still graduated with around $20,000 in student loan debt.  Rough.  And just a few months after graduation, I needed to get a new car and chose to invest in a more reliable vehicle than my previous one, walking away from that purchase with a $12,000 car loan.  Okay, let's do that math... I had racked up $32,000 of debt only six months out of college. Yikes.

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