Travel Guide: Denver, Colorado

A few weeks ago, I got to visit some friends who recently moved to Denver, Colorado.  It's a place I've flown through countless times, but have never had the chance to actually put my feet on the ground and explore, so when my friends extended the invitation for me to come visit, I pretty much immediately a booked a flight.  And let me tell you, doing so meant so much more than just going to Denver, because that flight departed from San Francisco and this was all before I had let many people know that I was moving.  So getting those tickets almost served as self-accountability, because it meant that I had to go through with uprooting my life in Nashville and starting out on this new adventure. 

Upon landing, I was greeted by the sweetest of friends, Chelsea, and her sweet pup, Leon (she's an amazing #girlboss and travel planner, so check her out at Travel Brinkley).  Chelsea and I both work remotely, so this trip was part work/productivity and part adventuring around, which ended up being the perfect recipe for my week in Denver.  I even got to see Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, and Boulder while I was there!  So without further adieu, here are some of the things that you've got to do while you're in Denver!

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