Travel Guide: Paris, France

Paris was easily one of the cities I was most looking forward to spending time in while I was in Europe, as it has been near the top of my travel bucket list since I was sixteen. And let me tell you: it was well worth the wait. Despite meeting other travelers along the way who had expressed that Paris was overrated, I refused to lose my wide-eyed wonder and excitement for the city of love… and it did not disappoint, as I fell in love hard and fast. Six days hardly felt like enough time — as I’m convinced that I could have spent many more days wandering the charming streets and arrondissements that make up metropolitan Paris — and yet they gave me enough of a taste to know that I will definitely return some day. And while there are so, so many things you can and should do if you find yourself in Paris, I wanted to compile a short list to get you started. So here is a little guide for your (hopefully) next weekend getaway in Paris…

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