Salsa Dancing in Barcelona

Prior to leaving for Europe, and prior to moving back to California for that matter, I had convinced myself that I needed to have a season of rest to be "spiritually ready" for such a long and adventurous trip.  I'd been working like a crazy person while in Nashville, logging in anywhere from 60-80 hours per week with all of my jobs, first to pay off debt and then to save for this trip, and was honestly really ready for that busy season to be over.  But once I was in California, I found it very difficult to not be "doing," and therefore didn't rest (to almost no one's surprise I am sure).  Then about two weeks before leaving for London, I had this massive realization that I hadn't done what I thought I was supposed to do (rest), and therefore thought I wasn't going to be ready for the trip because I hadn't spent enough time with Jesus.  But something in my spirit quickly revealed something else: that maybe all of that about rest and spiritual preparation was just some sort of plan I had concocted on my own and wasn't really from God after all, but that maybe — just maybe — the trip itself was the real season of rest and spiritual rejuvenation and growth.

Which brings me to Barcelona...

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