Another Year Older

It's only been a week, but so far twenty-six has been filled with nuggets of good stuff. Twenty-five was six months of radical good and six months of heartbreaking hard, so this past birthday was welcomed with open arms and a hunger for change. And friends, I am already tasting the goodness of this new season. Here are some things that turning twenty-six has already taught me:

1. Age really is just a number.

 First, I don't feel any different than I did at twenty-five, and not much has changed aside from my knees suddenly cracking all of the time.  I'm not wiser, or older, or smarter, or more put-together, or anything of that sort; I am just a year older. Second, I have realized that if I want to be more driven, more passionate, or more prepared to move onto new things, it's not a matter of "when I'm older"... it's all about attitude. If I want it, I need to just go for it. Nothing is holding me back, especially not my age.

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