Turning Twenty-Nine

As of today, I have officially entered into the last year of my twenties, and while I may be mildly freaking out about getting older, I am also quite excited about this next year of my life. The truth is that the closer I’ve inched toward thirty, the more I’ve found myself worrying, namely about the future, settling down, and being a “real adult”. But something shifted while I was traipsing around Europe, and I now find myself embracing this stage of life more than ever. Sure, it doesn’t look much like what life looks likes for most people my age, but it certainly is beautiful and wild and — I believe — exactly where I am supposed to be. And as I reflect on the last few years of my life that seemed full of worry and nerves and doubt, I have realized that if I could go back to give myself one piece of advice, it would be this…

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