Tearing Down Walls

God has been doing some weird / hard / cool stuff over the last few weeks, and as I've been digesting all that He has been opening up in my heart, I have also been praying about what and how to share what I am learning in this space.  So this next bit is probably going to be a little messy, but this is me in my brokenness hoping to potentially encourage you in yours.

It all started two weeks ago when I finished reading and then watched the movie "Me Before You" (disclaimer: I enjoyed the story and, while it was sad and I wish it could have ended differently, I accept it for what it is: a fictional story written by a human being).  The book had me in tears over the sadness of the story, but the movie did something different to me.  I still cried, of course, but not for the same reasons.  I found myself a hot mess because of the deep, profound thing that it did in my heart.  It forced me to get real and honest before God; honest about my dreams and desires and the things that have caused me to not trust Him fully.  So upon leaving the theatre, I drove aimlessly around Nashville with tears streaming down my face, having it out with my Father.

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