Being Single & Walking on Water

Earlier this month I spent almost two (glorious) weeks back in my home state of California for a few different events, including a wedding, VBS at the church I used to work at, and to see friends and family. On one of my final days while I was staying in my hometown in the Bay Area, I decided to take my rental car, plus some sweet Spotify playlists, and drive the Pacific Coast Highway down to Big Sur. My view as I drove alongside sandy beaches, curving cliffs, and towering redwoods was both spectacular and refreshing, and that day away to reflect and process and pray was exactly what my little soul needed

See, I had just come off of the high of attending my fourth wedding of the year thus far (two more to go!), and found myself really struggling with contentment in this season of my life... I mean, where the single ladies/fellas at? Because I feel like most of y'all can relate with this struggle that is all too real. It was actually a pretty weird thing for me, though, because 80% of the time I'm completely cool with where God currently has me: as a young woman in my mid-twenties, working my butt off at a great job (plus extra gigs to help pay off student loans), going on fun adventures with my girlfriends, mentoring teenage girls, teaching kiddos at church, and *gasp* being single. Yes, I am saying that far more often than not, I actually enjoy this season, which for some odd reason seems to take a lot of people off guard.

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