Real Talk: Feelings

Traveling for the last two months has been pretty incredible, as I'm sure you can probably imagine, but if I'm going to keep it real, you need to know that it has also been pretty hard.  While it's been amazing to see so many new places, make new friends, and even live out of a suitcase (seriously, I'm loving the minimalism of it), it has also been, at times, both exhausting and lonely.  About halfway through May, right as I was landing in Rome, I was physically, emotionally, and mentally spent, and totally feeling it.  I had been go-go-go for over a month, bouncing from city to city every 3 or 4 days (with some god-awful travel days mixed in), and so I was real tired and slowly starting to realize that I was also feeling sad, simply because I was overwhelmed with alllll of the feelings: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, exhaustion, loneliness.  Best put, I felt a hot mess, and knew that my old friend melancholy wasn't too far behind.

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