NYC Part 2: What To Do

Now that we've gone over some of the amazing places you need to eat at in NYC: Part 1, I want to share with you some of the things you can and should do when visiting New York City.  I had almost five days in the city when I visited, and while there was definitely a solid list of things I wanted to do, I wanted, even more, to just enjoy the city for what it had to offer.  I wanted to wander, explore, and  stumble upon anything that was already happening, and I can honestly say now that I did just that.  I mean, I ended up being a part of a random photo shoot in Bryant Park when I was waiting for my friend to meet me!  So my first piece of advice would be to just let New York City happen to you, because that's the best way to experience one of the best cities in the world.

Okay, now let's get on with some of the practical stuff.  If you're planning your first visit to NYC and you really want to see some of the famous city sights, I would definitely recommend purchasing a CityPass.  At only $122, this pass allows you access to your choice of six different attractions in the city, including: the Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and more.  Tip: if you don't have enough time for six stops, consider the C3 Pass ($76), which allows you access to three attractions of your choice.  This is what I purchased prior to my trip and it was totally worth it.  Not only did I not have to worry about buying individual tickets (which meant paying more), but I often got to skip lines!  

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