Simple Living

Over the course of the last few months, I have been walking through some small but effective methods of simplifying my life.  Funny enough, when I was a child I was a bit of a pack-rat, and I held onto almost everything.  But as I've gotten older, I have realized how much I actually hate the way that we live to consume, and the ways that things work their way into our lives and latch on to us.  So I made the decision to pretty much overhaul my life and ditch the things that are unused, serve little to no purpose, or just don't really even matter.  It started with getting rid of a lot of things that I realized I didn't need, then clothing that was sitting in my closet unworn, and then I moved into digitizing a good chunk of my life.  Some close friends have thought this was pretty cool, and some couldn't quite believe I was able to rid myself of so much, so I thought it might be fun to share with y'all what I decided to let go of, how I got rid of those things, and why I've chosen to live with less.

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