On Mercy

I am so thankful for the simple truth that God's mercies are new today.  It's not as though this is any kind of revolutionary thought, but over the course of the last few weeks I have found greater meaning in it, particularly as light is being shed a little more on some of the ugly parts of my heart.

Lately I have realized that there are some sins in my life that have become almost habitual, because it's "the way I've always been" or "the thing that I've always struggled with."  But those are some lame excuses, which I say with no pretense because that is exactly what they are: things I say or use to reason with the fact that what I am doing - or the way that I am living or treating another person - is okay.  If the justification for my behavior or attitude is simply because it has become my normal, well, that just isn't okay at all.

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