Travel Guide: Vancouver, BC

Earlier this month, I took a short solo-trip to Vancouver, Canada and I had the best time navigating the city, exploring much of what it had to offer.  I came across a cheap flight back in December and found a great deal on an idyllic AirBnb, so I booked both on a whim, not really knowing what I wanted to do in the British Columbian city north of Seattle.  Yet it ended up being such an amazing trip.  Vancouver is a vibrant melting-pot of beautiful, kind humans from all over the world, and I loved it so much that I could easily imagine myself living in a city like that one day.

About a week before leaving, I realized I had very little planned, so I got to work researching all of things that I needed to see and do, and — of course — all of the places I needed to eat.  In my four days of exploring, I found that I was able to do everything on my list, and since Vancouver is a fairly walkable city with wonderful public transportation, it was very easy to get around.  I always want to share the things that I think everyone should do in a new city, so here is my list of what to do in Vancouver, BC!

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