Some Wilderness

Time for me to get real honest, guys: for the last few months, I have been walking through a very bleak wilderness season.  And the ugly truth?  I don't know that I've cared enough to do much about it.   While it may be true that I have been busy and disconnected, there really isn't a good enough excuse that justifies my lack of spending time with Jesus.

And let me tell you a little bit about the wilderness, because it can be deceiving.  Yes, it can look like a desolate wasteland where you can't seem to find water or sustenance or... well, anything.  There is no hearing or seeing or feeling God in this wilderness.  But I've learned that it can also look like life moving along pretty smoothly and seeking the things that don't really matter.  This is where I have been: stuck in the routine of the every day, hustling through the mundane to the point that I have been spiritually desolate.  He has been present... I've just been too busy looking in every other direction.

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