The Waiting

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in a sweet town not far from Nashville enveloped in the buzz of espresso machines, southern accents, and the sound of rain each time someone opens the door.  It has been about 9 days since I arrived here in Tennessee, and to say that I like this place would be an immense understatement.  I have fallen in love with the people and their sweet hospitable spirits, with the lush green landscapes that are slowly but beautifully turning into the most glorious shades of yellow, orange, and red, and with the newness and wonder of discovering a few favorite places to get away.  I love what is happening all around me, and yet even in the midst of all of these wonderful things, my heart is restless.

I moved here in faith.  Faith that God would provide for my every need, many of which He has provided for in great ways.  There are still some crucial things that are still unknown.  There are doors that are yet to be opened.  In this waiting, I must cling to He who has promised to never leave or forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6), and to be honest, it is extremely challenging.  

Yesterday, however, I received a text from a friend back in California that really encouraged me.  I had told her of this waiting season that I am in, explaining how much harder it is than I thought it might be, and her response redirected my heart back to the greater purpose of this whole thing...

"Father, I will continue to seek You in the waiting.  In the silence and in the unknown, I will actively look for You and expect You to show up.  I know that You are at work here.  You have not brought me this far to leave me to fend for myself now.  All praise belongs to You for always working upstream.  Thank you, Jesus."

If there is anything I've learned in the last few years, it is that a waiting season is never a wasted season.  God is always at work.  And so I hope and pray that each of you, no matter where the Lord has placed you to do His work, remember the simple statement above.  There is SO much beauty to be found in the will of God - whether that means waiting or moving - as long as we look around and expect to find it.