Wild Hearts with Gennean

I've called myself a wild heart for a few years now, which all began when I realized there was something in me that longed for more: more than living for the weekend, more than 50-60 hr work weeks, more than storing up physical treasures, and more than settling for the mundane. My heart was unsettled, and it became a real place of tension as my desires just didn’t quite line line up with what I felt like society and culture were telling me I needed to be getting after, especially as a young adult.

The thing is, though, that I've always believed that God didn't create us to just get by, live in mediocrity, or play it safe. He's never been mediocre or boring or safe (if we're honest) — so why do we subscribe to the thought that our lives should be? He's wild and free and full of adventure, and I've chosen to live wrapped up in that. All of my big decisions — and many of my small ones — have been made in faith, and they've led me to some of the coolest and craziest places that often didn't make sense on paper. Yet in seeking wisdom with each risk that I've taken so far, things have always fallen into place in the best of ways.

I get asked a lot about my bravery: my willingness to do hard and scary things. But truth is that I'm really not that brave. I just keep choosing to live as a wild heart: trusting God, pursuing the dreams He gives me, and saying yes to whatever opens up. Yep, that’s the “secret” to my bravery, all of which brings me to a new adventure . . .


Introducing My Podcast: Wild Hearts with Gennean

It's for all of us, but especially the ones set on championing one another to keep it real, screw societal expectations, identify our deepest passions and gifts, and get after the things we were made to do, without apology. It’s for the ones who know there has to be more to this life than just getting by or being comfortable, and the ones who crave more: more depth, more purpose, more adventure, and more realness. Welcome to the #wildheartsclub, a space where me + my wild-hearted friends will chat about real, relevant topics that will (hopefully) encourage you to step into a more full and abundant life.

I am so excited to start on this new journey as a podcaster, but I won’t front: I have almost no idea what I’m doing technically. I mean, I’m basically a novice at even consuming podcasts. But I have a big, clear vision and a ton of people in my corner, so I’m chasing after the dream and forever trusting the Giver. Here’s to, once again, saying yes to the things that scare me . . . I can’t wait to see where this one takes us!

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